Volunteer with HHFB!

**When participating in any volunteer activity at HHFB please wear close toed shoes!****

Over 2,185 volunteers at HHFB provided over 15,297 volunteer hours in 2016! If calculated conservatively using the $7.25 minimum wage rate they can be valued at over $110,903! Meal Share Repackers bagged 69,768 pounds of prepared food rescued from local restaurants and cafeterias. That's more weight than four full-grown male elephants!

Volunteers packed and quality checked over 12,000 boxes of commodity food for low-income seniors in rural areas surrounding Monroe County. At an average of 32 pounds per box, that's 384,000 pounds of food! You can make a significant difference in the lives of local people in need! Want to help take the hunger out of poverty? There are a variety of opportunities available at the Hoosier Hills Food Bank. Groups of almost any size, as well as individuals and families are welcome and encouraged to volunteer at HHFB. You can volunteer once, or set up a recurring regular shift – whatever suits your schedule.

Children are welcome as volunteers but some restrictions are in place for their safety. If you have questions about whether a volunteer activity is appropriate for your child, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

Hoosier Hills Food Bank respects and values our volunteers and has established policies and procedures for their protection and support. Our Volunteer Orientation Manual contains information on opportunities, rights and responsibilities, grievance procedures and risk and safety issues.

(Volunteer Orientation Manual)

(Volunteer FAQ's)

Contact Volunteer Coordinator Ryan Jochim at (812) 334-8374 or volunteer@hhfoodbank.org for more information or to schedule a volunteer shift.

Meal Share Food Rescue & Repack

Under the supervision of our food safety certified program coordinator, volunteers help repack Meal Share food that has been rescued into family size portions. Repack sessions happen Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays starting at 5:30pm. Volunteers will be required to wear hair restraints and remove hanging jewelry. Kids are welcome however children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Volunteer shifts are both suitable for indviduals as well as groups. See the Meal Share page for more information about the program. Mininum age is 10 years old.

Garden & Gleaning

Volunteers are needed to help plant, harvest, and compost. No gardening experience is necessary. Training and support are provided to volunteers during the volunteer sessions.

The opportunity to volunteer in this particular garden not only allows you to contribute to the raising of thousands of pounds of nutritious and delicious food for our neighbors in need here in south-central Indiana, but also is a way to learn from and share with other volunteers and the Garden Coordinator, about sustainable growing. The minimum age for volunteering in the garden is 10. See the Garden & Gleaning page for more information about the program.

Warehouse Assistance

Probably the most flexible opportunity in terms of timing. Volunteers are always needed to help around the warehouse. Tasks could include cleaning, sorting donated food, picking up food donations (if willing to use your vehicle), staging cases of food for distribution to agencies and a variety of other jobs. The warehouse can be warm in the summer and cold in the winter and safety is important (no open toed shoes, please). Volunteer shifts are best suited for indviduals rather than groups. MWF 10-5, Tu &Thu 9-5.

Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) Box Packing

Each month, HHFB must pack 1000 boxes of food for distribution to low-income seniors. This is an assembly line process that is well suited to larger groups of volunteers. 12-20 volunteers are needed once a month. Volunteer shifts are both suitable for indviduals as well as groups. See the USDA Commodity Distribution page for more information about the program.

Office & Mailing

Help is sometimes also needed in the office with filing, preparing mailings, etc. Volunteer shifts are best suited for indviduals rather than groups.