You can help take the hunger out of poverty for over 25,800 individuals each year!

Hunger is Not an option, not one child, not one senior and not one in between. Donate today to make this a reality!


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Hoosier Hills Food Bank relies on the support of generous donors in order to continue fighting hunger. Funding is necessary for salaries, fuel, equipment, utilities, mortgage, supplies, repairs, food purchases, postage, printing, insurance and the many other expenses encountered by an organization distributing over 4 million pounds of food in eight counties.

We can't keep the food flowing without financial donations. Please, make a gift today and join us in the fight against hunger. You can make a significant difference in the lives of local people in need!

Donate online via Paypal, or print a donation form to show support for the Hoosier Hills Food Bank.

HHFB does not solely benefit one organization or program, but rather almost 100 agencies that feed hungry people through food pantries, soup kitchens, youth programs, senior centers, homeless shelters and residential programs including domestic violence shelters, group homes and addiction recovery houses.

HHFB reserves the right to refuse any food or financial donation.

If you would like to be a monthly donor please contact jake at!


Donate Online Via Paypal

Privacy Policy Hoosier Hills Food Bank

Confidentiality and Security
The information that Hoosier Hills Food Bank gathers through use of its web site and other communications tools is used solely to respond to inquiries, record and acknowledge contributions, and inform correspondents of food bank activities. If you have questions about this, please contact Director of Development and Administration Jake Bruner at (812) 334-8374 or

Policy and Practice
It is the policy of Hoosier Hills Food Bank to never sell, rent, exchange or in any other way provide correspondent or donor information to other charitable or commercial entities, except as is required to accomplish the food bank's functions. Vendors that have temporary access to correspondent and donor information are expressly forbidden to copy, use or transfer any information provided by Hoosier Hills Food Bank for any reason to any source.

Privacy Information
It is our desire to ensure complete security while transferring potentially sensitive and private information from your web browser to Hoosier Hills Food Bank’s computer system. For donations made through PayPal, The PayPal website is a licensee of the TRUSTe Web Privacy Program. If this policy or our customer support team cannot answer your privacy-related questions, please use the TRUSTe Watchdog Dispute Resolution Process.


Donate by Mail

Join the Monthly Providers Circle! Hunger knows no season. Take advantage of this opportunity to make a big difference, month by month. Automatic deductions from your checking or savings account each month provide a sustained source of funds to fight hunger.

You can make a contribution by cash, check, or credit card by printing this donation form and sending it to Hoosier Hills Food Bank, P.O. Box 697, Bloomington, IN 47402.

Donation Form

Why Should I Give to HHFB?

Donate Food

Don't throw away your chance to help. The USDA estimates that 27% of all the food produced in America is wasted and that this food could feed over 49 million people yearly. The Hoosier Hills Food Bank wants to rescue this food and make sure it helps feed people. The HHFB collects and distributes donated food to local feeding programs which serve needy people. Our goal is to salvage food that might otherwise be wasted and to channel that food to those who need it in our community. We disburse donated food to food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and low-income daycare centers, who struggle everyday with local hunger. We can only do this with your help.

What difference can your food donation make? With the generous help of our food donors, the Hoosier Hills Food Bank helped feed 25,800 people last year through service to nearly 100 partner agencies in a six county area. These charitable organizations depend on food donations, like yours so that they can work toward their mission of feeding people. In America, 40% of all people aided through food pantries are children, with 1 in 4 children in this community are at risk of hunger. Your business is helping alleviate this problem when it donates food. Please consider donating your short-dated, damaged and unsalable products to the Hoosier Hills Food Bank. For more information or to make a donation, please contact us.

Food Donor FAQs

Can individuals donate directly to the Hoosier Hills Food Bank?
Yes, individuals are welcome and encouraged to drop off food donations at our warehouse. There is also a food donation bin located at the Monroe County YMCA year-round.
Are there things you cannot accept?
Yes. Donated food must be unopened and not expired. Some foods have a "best by" date instead of an expiration date and may be acceptable, but as a general rule if food is past the date listed on its container we cannot accept it. We also cannot accept prepared food that was not prepared in a commercial kitchen – foods made in your home are not eligible for donation. And food cannot be temperature-abused….a short period for transportation is okay, but food that is supposed to be refrigerated or frozen should come to us cold or frozen.
What are your hours and how do I find the Hoosier Hills Food Bank?
Hoosier Hills Food Bank is open from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. Food donations can be dropped off anytime during these hours. We are also happy to pick up your food donations! Call 334-8374 to arrange a pick-up. We are located on the near west-side of Bloomington at 2333 W. Industrial Pk Dr. We are off Vernal Pike and on the opposite side of the street from Grimes Pools & Spas and the VFW.
Can you help me organize a food drive?
Absolutely. Food drives are one of our most important sources of nutritious foods and we depend on the generosity of the community for this supply. See these tips for holding a food drive and also feel free to call or email if you have additional questions.
My business sometimes has food that is out of date, is damaged, or returns. Can we donate this?
Retail donations are very important to the success of Hoosier Hills Food Bank. Contact Brandon at or 334-8374 for information on becoming a retail food donor.
My business sometimes prepares too much food. Can we donate?
Yes. Meal Share, a food rescue program of Hoosier Hills Food Bank, focuses on just that-picking up excess prepared food from restaurants and other food establishments (cafeterias, delis, special events, etc.). Contact Brandon at for information about becoming a Meal Share donor.
Can you handle refrigerated or frozen food donations?
Yes, the Hoosier Hills Food Bank has the capacity to handle most types of food donations. Our facility and food safety standards have been inspected and approved by the: Indiana State Department of Health, Monroe County Health Department, and Feeding America, the national food bank network. Most of our operations staff are food safety certified. Our food storage facilities include a walk-in cooler and a walk-in freezer and our transportation capabilities include three refrigerated vehicles.
Is there any legal protection for food donations?
Yes! The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act of 1996 protects donors from liability. The Hoosier Hills Food Bank has a contract with the organizations and churches that serve low-income individuals. This contract outlines how the food needs to be handled and stipulates that the food must go to ill, needy, or children, and is given at no charge. It also releases the donor from any liability that may result in the use of the food. (link to Good Samaritan Act).

Every can counts! Donations of non-perishable food items can be dropped off at the HHFB warehouse Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. For larger donations, call us to arrange a pick-up. We also accept donations of fresh produce as part of the Plant-a-Row program!

Want to help out in a big way? Hold a food drive! Food Drives can be held in your neighborhood; at school, at work, with a social group or church's up to you! Below are some ideas and common ways of doing food drives, but be creative for a successful food drive. We are happy to provide you with any support you need in the planning and execution of your food drive. Don't hesitate to contact us!

Some types of food drives: Neighborhood block-walk—Let your neighborhood know ahead of time using flyers that you will be collecting food on a particular day, or arrange a central drop-off point. Work-place food drives—Rally your co-workers to fight hunger! We will provide collection barrels and pick them up at the end of the food drive.

Special event food drives—Collect cans as admission to an event you are a part of… concerts, plays, parties, dances, you get the idea! Competition food drives—challenge another business, classroom, dorm floor, fraternity/sorority, and see who can collect the most food. Winner gets a prize!

What items can be collected? We are most in need of canned meats, fruits, vegetables, beans, and soups. Other items that are helpful include peanut butter and jelly, boxed meals, microwavable meals, pasta, cereal, dry beans, rice, and fruit juices. Glass items are accepted; just keep them separate from cans so they don't get broken.

Helpful hints: People often give more when the food drive is well publicized ahead of time. It's illegal to put flyers in mail boxes. Always contact store managers before collecting outside of retail establishments. Your help is greatly needed. Community food drives provide some of the most nutritious foods that we receive and distribute to our partner organizations that provide food for 25,800 people annually in south central Indiana.

Food Donation Information for Businesses

Meal Share Prepared Food Donation Process:

  1. HHFB will supply donors with appropriate, single-use containers for surplus food storage.
  2. When closing down, food is placed in these containers with identification labels.
  3. Or if it is more convenient, the donation can be kept in a restaurant's cooler and our driver will put it in our container.
  4. Our driver will pick up the food at a scheduled time and leave the corresponding number of clean sanitized containers for subsequent food donations.

SIMPLE. Meal Share pick-ups can be scheduled with our driver, Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. Donations are picked up in our refrigerated truck by a trained food safety professional and held safely until they can be delivered to the warehouse.

SAFE. Hoosier Hills Food Bank has a purpose-built kitchen that is inspected and held to the same health code standards as a commercial establishment. Three times each week, we use this facility and the help of our volunteers to repackage donations into family or individual size portions. To ensure food safety we use bags with preheating instructions on them. No where on these bags is the food donor identified. The portions are then labeled, dated, and quickly frozen.

SHARE. These meals are then available for those in need in soup kitchens and food pantries. Charitable agencies that give food assistance in our six county service area will distribute the frozen food at no cost to grateful clients. Any agency that wishes to take Meal Share food must first be monitored. They must have adequate freezer space, check freezer temperatures regularly, and be trained in how to handle Meal Share to ensure food safety.

Meal Share Food Donation Guidelines

We cannot accept food that has been served to the public, items served more than once, or food that has been time/temperature abused. Volunteers are trained and supervised by a ServSafe (LINK) certified coordinator. Safe handling and careful portioning help to guarantee that more families get healthy food.

Is there enough? If there is enough for one family, then there is enough to donate.

The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act of 1996 protects companies from liability when they donate to a nonprofit organization; Protects companies from civil and criminal liability should the product, donated in good faith, later cause harm to the needy recipient; Standardizes donor liability exposure; Means that companies or their legal counsel no longer have to investigate liability laws in 50 states; Sets a liability floor of "gross negligence" or intentional misconduct for person who donates grocery products.

Hoosier Hills Food Bank is an organization, exempt from federal income tax under section 501 (c)(3), which distributes donated products to organizations engaged in feeding the needy, the ill or infants. Donated products are to be used by the recipient organizations only in a manner related to their exempt purpose, and in compliance with the provisions of section 170 (e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and of applicable Treasury Regulations. Donated products will not be sold or transferred or bartered in exchange for money, services, or other products. Donated products will be distributed only to organizations who have legally executed a Member Agency Agreement which on file with Hoosier Hills Food Bank.

Wish List

In addition to donating food, funds or your time as a volunteer, Hoosier Hills Food Bank can use your support in obtaining other things we need – from time to time, regularly, or on a one-time basis. Our current wish list includes:


Bring them to Hoosier Hills Food Bank Monday Through Friday from 9-5pm. Please bring gently used books, cds, movies, video games and records.

Contact us if you have items to donate.